Project newspaper

31 August, 2010


Food and Drinks

By French learners

Lithuania: Branch cake (Sakotis)

Romania: Baklava

By Romanian learners

By Austrian learners

Learners' and teachers' expectations for Module 2

Learners' expectations

Teachers' expectations

Italian WIKI

12 August, 2010

Italian WIKI

Gran Canaria WIKI

Gran Canaria WIKI

Lesson plans by Spanish teachers

10 August, 2010

Getting to know...

A Trip to...

...Austria by Lithuanian learners

...Austria by Romanian learners

...Romania by Lithuanian learners

...Turkey by Romanian learners French learners

Meeting in Lithuania

04 August, 2010

Meeting in Lithuania

Meeting in Lithuania 1-6 July, 2010

29 June, 2010




Drama by Italian learners

28 May, 2010

Language Unites Europe (NING)

29 March, 2010


2nd project meeting in Gran Canaria

03 March, 2010

Gran Canaria visit

Participation form

Programme Canarias

Evaluation questionnaire

Personal evaluation remarks


Introducing Oneself

04 February, 2010

Learners from France

Learners from Lithuania

Learners from Romania

Learners from Spain

Learners from Italy

Meeting Evaluation Report

07 January, 2010

Meeting Evaluation