I am in EST!

30 September, 2011


Survey chart

Survey chart

Survey answers

Survey answers

Meeting in Romania

27 September, 2011

Meeting in Romania by ritasmile

International story

International story

Memories of the meetings during the 2nd year

25 September, 2011

Download the video "Memories of the meetings during the 2nd year"

My home region in Austria

13 September, 2011

My home region in Austria

Business etiquette

Business etiquette

Interviews with the learners

28 July, 2011

Interviews with the learners

Newsletter prepared by learners in Romania


"Language unites Europa" in Craiova

25 July, 2011


Meeting in Romania programme

Meeting in Romania programme

Romanian WIKI


Lithuanian WIKI


Dramas by Lithuanian learners

At the Doctors’ by Lithuanian learners

Drama by Lithuanian learners por ritasmile

Rendezvouz, by Lithuanian learners

Drama By Lithuanian learners 2 by ritasmile

Meeting in France

05 July, 2011

Drama by Spanish learners

03 June, 2011

"A Soup For a King" by Romanian learners

22 February, 2011

"The Army" by Turkish learners

Various Activities

A walk through the forest (handout)
A walk through the forest (instruction)
Communicative activities by French teachers
I will survive (activity)
I will survive (Lyrics)

Meeting in Italy

Meeting in Italy programme

L'Europa a Villa Gordiani

Project evaluation survey

29 January, 2011

Please, fill in the questionnaire. It will help to evaluate the results achieved during the project activities.

Survey among participants in Grundtvig partnership project "Language Unites Europe"

Question game

Question game created by Rita Smilingiene

Game values

20 January, 2011

Game values

Module 2

Module 2

By Romanian teachers

International story

Learning through cooking

Learning through cooking by Romania

Module 1

Module 1 by Romanian tearchers
Suggested Topics for Module 1
Module 1 Activities Deadlines
Module 1 by Lithuanian teachers

Meeting Evaluation

Evaluation of Meeting in Lithuania