1 st meeting in K. Maras, Turkey, 23-27 November, 2009

15 December, 2009

Let's remember our fantastic visit in K. Maras

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03 December, 2009

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02 December, 2009

Plunges suaugusiųjų švietimo centras, Lithuania      
provides secondary education for adults and drop-outs, in-service training for teachers and non-formal education for town community. In terms of the staff it has the disadvantage of the knowledge of English that limits active participation of the staff of the Center in European projects. So, this project will give them opportunity to develop their foreign language competences and actively participate in further European partnership and become active European citizens and bring a new quality in educating process in the institution and the whole town community.
If you had no a chance to know Plunge, please visit http://www.fotoskrydis.lt/plunge where you will be able to see some nice views from the bird's flight.

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain     
is a public institution dedicated to the teaching of languages, being English the most demanded and studied one. Our School is located in the Canary Islands and despite the fact that one of our main industry resources is tourism, learners need to feel the necessity of discovering other European cultures as a context to practice the language they are leaning and make them broaden the isolation of living on an island implies. The project is a wonderful way of meeting other teachers from other countries and sharing with them our interests in teaching as well as exchanging our experiences. At the same time our teaching would enrich itself through the intercultural dialogue and by the development of feeling of European citizenship. Improve our pedagogical practice through the contact with other teachers from different countries. To make my students aware of the existence of other countries where there are other people possibly with the same needs and problems who are also learning a language and to make them aware of the importance of sharing with them their learning personal experiences too.

BILSEK Bilgi Iletisim, Sanat, Egitim ve Kültür Kulubü Dernegi, Turkey     
organization was established in 2006 as a local community association providing the people ,who are living in disadvantaged parts of the city and don’t have financial power to participate in social activities, seminars, conferences, nature organizations, campaigns, courses such as ICT, English, photography, etc. All of the members are professionals who are working in public and private institutions to earn their life but volunteer in social activities to be useful for the disadvantaged people. The teachers work voluntarily in the club, teach the courses and help people adopt themselves to the social life. It accepts adults from 14 to above. They spend their free time in our club, using the technological equipments and library, talking to their friends, meet new people, ask professionals about their interests. In recent years, our organization took part in some activities of other schools and centers as a local partner but hasn’t applied for a project yet. This year we aimed at organizing some international cooperation with other institutions placed in different countries. We think the cooperation will widen our view for the future studies and will share our experiences with others and learn new strategies from our partners. To build Europe, we need to communicate and know each other very well.

Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf, Austria     
is a vocational training centre that specializes in provision of personalized adult education to unemployed people and employees of small and medium sized enterprises. The centre has a training capacity of 1500 trainees. There are possibilities to take part in basic trainings or in higher qualification courses in education of foreign languages.

Groupe scolaire Tézenas du Montcel, France     
already has experience in other projects: Erasmus, Leonardo and Comenius. Grundtvig would be a way to explore a new field and also in relation with one department of the school which is Continuous Education. We expect to learn more about new teaching methods, new cultures through this project. The topic is attractive as for the last 2 years there has been a strong demand of courses in English by lecturers of our school.

Casa Corpului Didactic Dolj, Romania     
The House of Teachers is a public institution which mission is to promote innovation and the movement for reform, to ensure the framework for the personal and professional development of the teachers in pre-university education. The House of Teachers has as main object the organization of the activities for continuous formation, the scientific, cultural and methodical activities for the 9000 teachers in pre-university education from Department Dolj. The House of teachers is involved in the publicly recognized in-service training of teachers and other categories of educational staff.

Multinational Educational Center of Birmingham, United Kingdom     
is involved mainly in the fields of adult education and development. Our actions promote respect for difference, equality and conscientious work. We aim to promote and to protect the rights of people to increase their vocational qualification. The Center works for the principles of the equal opportunities of the people with disabilities. Moreover, it is involved in activities on social and cultural level to favour concrete trials of real integration of new educational methods and strategies and to oppose every form of stagnation.
The MEC-B team focuses all its energy to create an environment of tangible results that could easily be disseminated throughout Europe afterwards, thus providing a profound impact of the project and increasing the European added value.

Centro sociale anziani "Villa Gordiani", Italy
This social centre is a meeting point for VI District’s of Roma seniors, already off worker’s world. Its aim is to provide again learning in this stage of life too, but in a way not formal. We are interested, over all about themes suggested by learners.
We go at theatre every month and now it is the second year that a theatre course work ends with a year’s performance. Every year we have sweet gymnastic and dancing course. The gym activity matched medicine lessons, treated by doctors for know more the working of body and prevent some diseases. We like the history and culture of our nation and for that we visit our and others cities, palaces and museums. We do voluntary service both local and to cooperating with Unicef.
We begun a first course of informatics education and now are hoping can repeat it the next year. We have already participated in Grundtvig project to extend our horizons and to grow consciousness of European citizenship. During his development we started an English language course for helping the learners when spoken with partners.
Now we wish to continue in this way and for that we want to be partners in this Grundtvig project, to create consciousness of one’s own cultural identity, to promote social integration, to encourage the tolerance of cultural diversity, to develop self-esteem using a foreing language.